And now for a segment I like to call…

6 Oct

Really Milwaukee Brewer baseball club, just because you won the first two games of a series you thought you’d just roll into Phoenix and casually win one of those games, no big deal, really?  Did you stop to think that maybe they didn’t want to lose anymore?  The Diamondbacks won 94 friggen games in the regular season!  I mean really.  And maybe make the Diamondbacks actually have to work to score some runs…two grand slams in two different nights and still leave those pitchers in the game?  Really?!?  The only beast mode lurking around Chase Field the last two nights were the javelinas hanging by the team bus.  Looked to me more like “least” mode, really.  Least, as in least amount of balls pitched outside the middle of the plate.  Could you make it any easier for the major leaguers to hit it out of the ballpark?  Really?!?

And Phoenix, did you forget the Major League Baseball playoffs were going on in your city with your team?  Really?  Not even 80% capacity for a division winner’s playoff home game…is it more exciting to play in the dust storm or did you have to rush home to mow the lawn for the weekend?  Oh wait, that’s right, your yards are made of dirt.  Really!


One Response to “And now for a segment I like to call…”

  1. Suzanne October 7, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    I sense anger……

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