Hiatus over. Exoneration?

24 Feb

Wow, what a day to pick up writing a blog again.  I take a couple months off and this is the day I return?  A big day in the world of sports, more specifically, Major League Baseball.  Why is today so interesting you ask?  The 2011 Major League Baseball National League Most Valuable Player and Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun held a news conference to discuss his winning his appeal of a positive drug test from October 1, 2011.

I’ll say it again, wow.  My first reaction to the news that came down late yesterday afternoon was relief.  I thought to myself- One of my favorite baseball players is not a cheater, thank you God.  As more information came out, the public’s rationale was that he received ruling in his favor due to a technicality in the delivery of the drug testing sample.  Apparently the courier used by Major League Baseball didn’t ship the sample via FedEx on the day the sample was taken, instead retaining it for 44 hours in their possession.  After absorbing all the information and hundreds of comments from random anonymous baseball fans, doubt crept into my head.  Did he really take drugs and just got lucky that a courier screwed up?  If I wear my #8 jersey will people think I support athletes who use drugs?  I spent an uneasy night, partially due to the amount of emotion I spent on the sport of baseball last year and more specifically, the Milwaukee Brewers.  I even felt sad for awhile.  How could this person do this to his fans?

Today Ryan Braun made a 12 minute statement to the media and held a Q&A session afterwards.  Composed anger is a way I’d describe his demeanor after listening to the opening statement.  At one point I thought he’d lose his fortitude when he described how this had personally affected his well being.  Either he’s Major League Baseball’s greatest thespian or this was someone who indeed had the truth on his side and wasn’t afraid to let it out during a speech.  Needless to say, as a fan, I felt reassurance.  I don’t know Ryan Braun anymore than any other professional athlete, so all we have for character judgement is their actions within their sport and the manner in which they speak for themselves.  Today Ryan Braun conducted himself with outstanding poise in the midst of a situation I cannot even fathom.  Today I think a professional sports’ appeals process got it right.  Today I believe Ryan Braun.  I hope one day we’ll all know the truth.


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