Stay classy…Japan?

5 Oct

About 7 weeks ago I was notified that my Facebook account had been compromised and would require a security reset.  I figured someone in the U.S.A. tried to gain access, purposely or otherwise, to hatch some sort of deviant scheme with the intent of world domination (not serious).  When logging into my account, I was presented with the above picture.  Japan?  Really?  Upon a closer look via Google Maps, I come to find out that Uruma is a city on Okinawa Island.  “I know I’ve heard of that island somewhere…”  Wait a sec, could it be the ghost of Pat Morita, reprising his role from the Karate Kid movies?  His character hailed from Okinawa Island.  He was also on the Happy Days television show.  I grew up in Milwaukee…which is where the show took place.  Eventually I decided to chalk it up as an act of complete randomness.  No matter how much the theory did make sense.


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