Nike must have failed Geography 101

17 Jul


Whoops.  In the midst of my chuckling, I’ve been trying to figure out what is worse- misidentifying South Carolina as North Carolina or getting this error past the quality control department.   On Tuesday July 16th 2013, clothing apparel giant Nike released a statement that a small quantity of Carolina Panther t-shirts emblazoned with the above geographical error were mistakenly made available for sale.  While the apology was certainly aimed at the picture mistake, could it have subconsciously been directed at North Carolina residents also?  The snafu seemed to suggest both states may have recently completed a merger, moving all people and operations into South Carolina while retaining the “North Carolina” label.  I know if Minnesota was suddenly grouped into Iowa I’d have to become an Under Armour brander for life.  Environmentalists need not fret, i’m sure Nike Outlet stores will begin selling this t-shirt soon enough.


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