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A mini line of iDbags for the iPad mini

2 Nov

When the iPhone 5 launched on September 21, 2012 I decided to skip posting about it.  Why?  Not because the iDbaggery was becoming redundant, I was just too lazy coming up with another comical post title.  Today seemed different- a good day to return to the humor as Apple scheduled an 8am PST/10am EST release of its newest product, the iPad mini.  As suspected, the fanfare was out in full force in places like San Francisco, producing a result that didn’t require my own humorous interjection.  With a line of 80+ people when the doors opened, all patrons entered the store in about 15 minutes, including one gentleman who was in line since 2am and a handful of others since 5am.  Was a wait of that length worth it?  You do the math.  Today’s launch queue line may have been “mini”, borrowing from the product’s namesake if you will, but it was such a notion victorious iDbags were certainly thankful for.


iDBags x 3 = iPad 3

16 Mar

It’s like the next movie in a film series with absolutely predictable results- tech company improves product slightly, tech company manufacturers hype (surprisingly), tech company makes announcement, people line up at store hours and hours beforehand to spend $499 or more for something they won’t have to wait for in 2 weeks.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Apple released it’s iPad 3 today in nine countries, including the United States, to the usual fanfare associated with their products.  I am releasing my usual commentary to said fanfare which could also be summed up in a not-so-politically-correct acronym: WTF.  One amusing thing to note- for all the pictures circulating of various people holding their white boxes with the dark grey insignia, you can play a rousing game of “Caption This”.  Try it, it’s fun for the whole office!