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Nike must have failed Geography 101

17 Jul


Whoops.  In the midst of my chuckling, I’ve been trying to figure out what is worse- misidentifying South Carolina as North Carolina or getting this error past the quality control department.   On Tuesday July 16th 2013, clothing apparel giant Nike released a statement that a small quantity of Carolina Panther t-shirts emblazoned with the above geographical error were mistakenly made available for sale.  While the apology was certainly aimed at the picture mistake, could it have subconsciously been directed at North Carolina residents also?  The snafu seemed to suggest both states may have recently completed a merger, moving all people and operations into South Carolina while retaining the “North Carolina” label.  I know if Minnesota was suddenly grouped into Iowa I’d have to become an Under Armour brander for life.  Environmentalists need not fret, i’m sure Nike Outlet stores will begin selling this t-shirt soon enough.


Case of the Mondays no match for May swoon

13 May

Bill Lumbergh

Winter is over here in the Upper Midwest (I think).  The sun is out (sometimes) to let you know Spring is here (except in the morning hours).  When precipitation falls, it’s in the form of rain (except for the sleet last Saturday).  Yes folks, May is here and you may rejoice.  As I crawl out of hibernation- judging from the lack of comments you didn’t notice -I’m excited to resume scribbling down my random thoughts about the sports world as it pertains to me as well as other newsworthy stories that appear.  No folks, you’re not going to get CNN wall-to-wall coverage here, you’re going to get severely biased CNN news (wait, isn’t that the same thing?) stories that resonate with me.  It is, after all, the Chronicles of Jeff, not the chronicles of Anderson Cooper or Robin Meade.  Of course I will continue to lean in the direction of the sporting world as it remains a large interest in my life, but as odd popular culture stories strike my fancy, I’ll probably talk about those too.  So, in conclusion, expect more of the same, unless of course the cold weather returns and I find myself asleep at the wheel for another couple of months.  Which would be sad…because I might miss out on stories like this nugget:

Manti Te’o, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football player who conducted a fake relationship, had his fake girlfriend make the Maxim magazine annual “Hot 100” list at No. 69.  So what is worse, having to be jabbed again by this story, or being the girl who came in directly behind at No. 70 (which apparently was a model named Nina Agdal)?  Since he was officially drafted into the NFL by the San Diego Chargers, the ribbing will surely continue at off-season training camps and eventually during the real thing this Summer.  Will he receive cute little notes saying “Nice fake tackle” and “That INT didn’t count, it’s fake during drills, duh” on his locker?  Only his teammates will be able to tell.  I feel sorry for him but at the same time, it will truly teach him social skills useable for the rest of his life.  Kick it old school Manti, and just talk to a girl face to face.