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Hockey and a hoax in the New Year

17 Jan

Manti Te'o And His Fake Girlfriende_gf

Minnesota Wild The NHL Is Back

2013 has been in full swing for a couple of weeks and the sporting world is again bustling with excitement.  I hope everyone enjoyed the 35 collegiate bowl games, and judging by the television viewership, you didn’t.  You can put your dismay aside because NHL hockey is back.  Yes, the smallest of all the four major sports just concluded its third work stoppage in the last 18 years, effectively increasing the annual monies lost for some 12 teams in the league who actually lost less when they weren’t playing.  Here in Minnesota, hockey fever returned with a blink of an eye, as evidenced by myself on the Wednesday morning when single game tickets went on sale, selling out the Minnesota Wild’s opening night in less than an hour.  How will the fans’ interest lay after several weeks into the 48 game season?  Will they still show up when teams are on 4-5 game losing streaks, effectively killing any sort of playoff push?  As the previous lockout suggests, which canceled the entire 2004-2005 NHL season, they’ll be back in droves.

Not to be outdone by the fastest game on earth, however, comes along one last college football story.  This one involves a star linebacker from the University of Notre Dame, Manti Te’o, whom apparently had an imaginary girlfriend named Lennay Kekua that fictitiously died from leukemia.  The biggest question has been about his involvement.  Did he help concoct the scheme or was he an innocent victim of online-fabricated correspondence, texting, and phone calling love.  The general consensus cannot decide on a motive, as his only gain seems to be the sympathy he received about said fake death.  The flip side to the story is friend Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, a musician buddy who purportedly used photos from a different woman to setup Lennay’s fake online profile.  Why would a buddy want to humiliate a friend in such an elaborate manner?  What would be his gain to the fall of Manti?  The story is so confusing at this point I haven’t even been able to wrap my own sober opinion around it.

Which brings me to my last comment, raise a glass gals and gents.  You’ll need that little bit of alcohol in your system to tolerate several weeks of rusty hockey and to understand why superstar collegiate football players need pretend girlfriends.  Cheers!


A Wild new look?

11 Oct

“Dear San Jose, thank you.”

That was the thought that kept entering my head all Saturday night long and even after attending the Minnesota Wild 2011 season opening game October 8th.  Since being a product the last few years that was incredibly boring most of the time, in my eyes anyway, it was so refreshing to see a different “style” emulate from this hockey team.  The Wild’s offseason trade for players Dany Heatley and Devin Setoguchi with San Jose certainly seems to be the right decision thus far.  The speed was fast, the aggression obvious, and the shots were indeed on goal (memo to Antti Miettinen) as both Heatley and Setoguchi managed to score a goal in the Wild’s 4-2 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets.  An excited crowd thoughout, the only calm was during the opening tribute to the late Derek Boogaard and Pavol Demitra, former Wild players who passed away in the off season in completely opposite circumstances.  The team will wear a sticker of Boogaard and Demitra’s former numbers on their helmets all season long.  Also, kudos to the new organ jingles…did they hire someone new?  A new season was off to a good start, both for fans and the team!