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AMC Theaters new concession size: Insanely Large

19 Apr

As I walked up to the concession stand at my local AMC Theater while attending a screening of “21 Jump Street” last weekend, I didn’t have the intention of getting very much food.  Usually the #1 combo for myself & wife is more than sufficient.  First thing I noticed was a price increase- $13.25.  Now I don’t attend many theater screenings, but I have bought this combo enough to note the price used to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 bucks.  I shrugged it off as I waited in line…just like anything else I rationalized, prices always go up.  So I placed my order, paid, and waited for the food.  The concessions gal proceeds to first hand me a giant overflowing bucket of popcorn.  I look at it, then look up at the menu board thinking I screwed up the order.  “That’s not a bag of popcorn.  Did I super size the popcorn?”  Next she hands me a 54oz cup of Diet Coke, a size so big I’ve only seen at my local gas station.  “Did I super size the pop too?”  I waddle over to the butter/napkins/salt area and set everything down.  I’m trying to figure out how can I apply butter to the mammoth popcorn bucket.  Underneath the machine it goes and I press the button…stopping soon after.  “This isn’t gonna work.  Where is the salt?  I just want to go sit back down.”  Next thing to figure out is what do I tell my wife about what I just purchased.  She’ll think i’m crazy for buying so much.  Laughing, I shrug my shoulders again and figure this just must be the new sizing structure at AMC Theaters.  They just haven’t updated the signage yet.  It should now read: “#1 Combo – Insanely Large Popcorn + Insanely Large Drink”.  FYI- we only got through about 1/2 the drink and 1/3 of the popcorn.