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Tampa Bay beatdown

6 Apr

Prognosticating skills? Dead.  Not that I ever had any, especially for the sport of hockey.  College hockey probably even less.  Yes it’s true, I let my allegiance and heart influence my logic for determining winners of the 2012 Frozen Four.  At least I got the score right in the first game?  Guess that doesn’t count when the teams are reversed.  Also never saw the poor University of Minnesota performance coming either.  A loss by only a couple of goals feels like it would have been a victory.  Alas, I’m no expert, which is why I will put the 6-1 loss to Boston College into the category of anomaly.  If they played next week, would the same result happen?  Perhaps.  But I bet you it would be a close game with another Golden Gopher loss.  There it is, that cynic inside of has returned…I’ve flushed out the optimism brewing the week leading up to last night’s game.  Better luck next year?  No, I’ll take skill instead.  Another summer we wait, this time we’ll see if the hunger for a championship grows.  Along with growing pains of a brand new goaltender.  I had fun this year, thanks guys!