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Unprecedented- not a single person in line at Chipotle!

14 Nov

Viewed as an epic win from every angle imaginable, today, November 14th 2011, I walked into a Chipotle restaurant during the lunchtime “rush” (12:30pm to be exact) and not a single person was in line.  Yes, you read that correctly, no waiting for food on this day.  The typical experience of waiting behind 30 people, usually consisting of sandal-wearing college kids or cafeteria-skipping high schoolers, was not to be had.  Stunned, I had to quickly think of my order since I didn’t have my customary 15 minutes to stare at my smartphone reading email and preparing my lips to say “chicken fajita bowl to go”, then repeat, because the Chipotle burrito artist never hears the “to go” part.  The experience ended up being a success as no sour cream was assumed and accidentally added in the fury of customers.  All because there was only one in line at that glorious moment.