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Memo to drivers entering the roundabout: we know you’re turning right

27 Jun

The latest trend in municipal intersections for several years running is the roundabout, due to its cheap construction and maintenance costs.  And because it is an efficient method to merge several roads of different directions.  By design the roundabout intersection allows you a single directional turn- right (in the United States anyway) -therefore, you only need to be concerned with traffic coming from a single direction, the left (again, in the USA).  During daily driving activity, some drivers always signal their turn using the car’s directional indicator (blinker for the layman) when they come to any intersection.  As it happens, the last several days I’ve had drivers directly in front of me indicate their turn prior to entering the roundabout.  Normally I would applaud this behavior as I like knowing where the driver is probably going.  But in this case, what are they trying to say?  “This time i’m turning right as opposed to a day where I feel like causing total destruction turning to the left” ?  Or “maybe next time instead of turning right I’ll try the hazard lights and come to a complete stop” ?  So many choices, i’m glad these drivers didn’t burden me with a guess to their decision-making.  If only they were educated on that downward pointing triangle sign prior to entering the roundabout…