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Top of the mountain, if only for a year

30 Dec

Before Monday’s final statistical day for the current season, I was in the midst of my longest championship drought since I started playing fantasy football in the middle 1990s.  By my own calculation, I believe my last win was somewhere in the neighborhood of 2003, however, that only involved a league of 8 teams.  Now you might be asking yourself, why would anyone give a rip?  What is the significance?  Well, let me break it down…briefly.  First of all, fund replenishment.  Years of losing league buy-ins have immediately been recouped.  Secondly, pride.  Putting in the research of reading the websites and listening to the radio programs feels justified.  Thirdly, who likes to lose?  No one does.  Everyone starts out the season hoping to win.  I guess this year, the cards (errrrr, lack of player injuries) was just in my favor.  And having Aaron Rodgers as your starting quarterback doesn’t hurt either.