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The end of a Ford era

16 Dec

As the sun rose this morning and the voluntary 4 hour first shift wrapped up the last Ford Ranger pickup destined for Orkin, Ford Motor Company’s Twin Cities Assembly Plant 86 year run came to an end.  As an auto enthusiast and resident of St. Paul, MN I can’t say I wasn’t a little heartbroken.  No I haven’t ever owned a Ford vehicle myself, however, I have known quite a few who did.  One person even owned several Rangers.  All enjoyed their Fords.  The plant closing also meant the end to some 800 jobs.  While I’m optimistic that a viable solution will be produced from the land site, I just didn’t understand the reasoning behind closing the most efficient assembly plant in the Ford arsenal.  Shipping costs for parts no doubt played a major role.  I guess St. Paul is just located on the wrong side of the upper Midwest to remain in the automotive business.  Good luck to all those workers, the Highland Park neighborhood wishes you well.