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Stop! iDBag time!

20 Sep

Apple iPhone 5C / 5S launch in New York

In what has become the annual Fall ritual for laughs and minions of eccentric people waiting in a useless line for a cellular phone, the Apple iPhone 5C / 5S made it debut today in the United States and other countries worldwide.  Nothing out of the ordinary here, except that the popularity of companies paying people to stand in said lines for the purpose of advertising has gone up.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I see vehicles bodywrapped in advertising fast casual restaurants all the time.  Charging north of $700 makes people subject themselves to circumstances in order to obtain the newest piece of electronics, even if the company logo on the t-shirt they’re wearing actually improved their wardrobe that day.  In an interesting side note, an analyst at Piper Jaffray found that the line at the Apple flagship store in Manhattan was up 83% from the previous Apple iPhone launch in 2012.  Wait a sec, there is an investment bank retaining line statistics for mobile phone launches?  I might need to coin a label for -these- folks…


The iDbags are baaa-aack

14 Oct

Apple’s iPhone 4S went on sale this morning @ 8am in all timezones around the United Status.  As usual, hundreds of early-early-early adoption folks lined the streets outside the various Apple stores around the country.  Also as usual, I had a good laugh at all these psychotic Apple customers- sleeping overnight in the elements to spend $650+ on a phone that you could just pick up in two weeks during the afternoon of a random weekday.  Tools indeed.

Please Apple, stop the madness

7 Oct

So Apple is releasing the latest version of their smartphone next week, the iPhone 4S.  I log into AT&T and for fun, follow the upgrade wizard through the end to see what they’ll charge me, a customer whose phone was just upgraded in March.  To my surprise was the above full pricing structure.  $850 for a cellular smartphone?  Wow.  To Steve Jobs credit, his company certainly built a marketing machine to come up with a price so high and think the product will actually sell.  Wow- had to say it again.