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“Put the name of the water back up or we’ll sue”

17 May

No, that isn’t the cry of a 12 yr old boy playing “City” in his sandbox with his buddies.  It’s the gist of a statement that the country of Iran made to internet giant Google in response to seeing the name “Persian Gulf” omitted from its mapping service.  In what would make a perfect “Really?!? with Jeff” topic, I’m restrained from posting such satire in the event Iran decided to sue me for libel.  No matter how preposterous a statement that Google face serious damages if the water’s name isn’t returned, I’ve resigned to taking the high road.  It’s not a laughing matter, no it’s not.  This particular slice of the global map has been disrespected wholeheartedly by a corporate juggernaut.  Ocean water molecules need to stand together and demand retribution.  Middle East sea salt shall have their voices heard!