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Las Vegas in December

13 Dec

On December 4th 2011, my wife ran the Rock ‘N Roll Las Vegas Marathon/Half Marathon for the second consecutive year.  I was the usual eager spectator because it gave me a chance to go to Las Vegas of course, but also witness something different in this particular town.  Instead of being a morning race as they typically are, this time it was conducted at night (Rock the Strip at Night was the organizer’s motto).  Now I’ll admit that on paper this seemed like a great idea.  A different perspective on an almost contrarian activity in the city of Las Vegas?  Sure, i’m in.  But wait, will I be able to find my wife at the half way point…in the dark?  Answer- yes.  Somehow I was able to record a measly 6 seconds of video.  Not quite as good as the in-race photos I got in the daylight last year, but hey, it’s documented, I made it to my post!  So was the “Strip at Night” as great as it was intended to be?  Not so much.


  • Visting Las Vegas with the opportunity to do different from the usual things (i.e. watch a running race, not sit by the pool, etc.)
  • Almost fully comped room
  • Play craps, blackjack, and any other fun games (can you say Hot Hot ReSpin?)
  • Getting in a workout at the Las Vegas Lifetime Fitness (yes, i’m weird)
  • Watch my wife rack up another running medal 🙂


  • Traffic before, during, and after race.  Had to drive like a cabbie from hell.
  • Not winning at gambling (the wife is convinced she is bad luck)
  • Dreary weather and lack of sun
  • Race organization was terrible (just ask the people who got sick)
  • Not getting up on stage at The Price Is Right Live (Sex and the City DVD set is really $200?  What?)