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Thanks for a fun year :)

17 Oct

It was a nice run.  Even in the 1989 movie “Major League” the Cleveland Indians’ fictional season came to an end without a World Series title (of course they left out that back story from the end of the movie!).  I’ve spent most of my adult life comparing that movie plot to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball club, primarily because the movie was filmed in Milwaukee and because the Brewers exploits over the last 15 season on the field seemed to mirror that of the 1970-1980s Cleveland Indians spoke about in the movie.  Whenever the Brewers would show signs of promise, I’d always think to myself “Wouldn’t it be fun if the real team developed personality, camaraderie, and success for a season like those guys in the movie?”  Now that the 2011 Milwaukee Brewer season is over, I realize it finally happened.  Nyjer Morgan, Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, John Axford, and manager Ron Roenicke magically had the embodiment of Willie Mays Hays athleticism, Pedro Cerrano’s power, Jake Taylor’s leadership, “Wild Thing” Ricky Vaughn’s heat, and Lou Brown’s fortitude.  “Beast mode” and “Tony Plush” were about as close as they were getting to a cardboard cutout of the owner and a guy who practiced voodoo worshiping “Jobu”.  And Bob Uecker, well, he just played himself in both.  Winning the 2011 NLDS against Arizona in such dramatic fashion would have been a fitting point to stop, but unfortunately life doesn’t imitate art, even if it is a cheesy baseball movie from the 1980s.  Thank you 2011 Milwaukee Brewers, I finally got my major league moment.