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Tampa Bay beatdown

6 Apr

Prognosticating skills? Dead.  Not that I ever had any, especially for the sport of hockey.  College hockey probably even less.  Yes it’s true, I let my allegiance and heart influence my logic for determining winners of the 2012 Frozen Four.  At least I got the score right in the first game?  Guess that doesn’t count when the teams are reversed.  Also never saw the poor University of Minnesota performance coming either.  A loss by only a couple of goals feels like it would have been a victory.  Alas, I’m no expert, which is why I will put the 6-1 loss to Boston College into the category of anomaly.  If they played next week, would the same result happen?  Perhaps.  But I bet you it would be a close game with another Golden Gopher loss.  There it is, that cynic inside of has returned…I’ve flushed out the optimism brewing the week leading up to last night’s game.  Better luck next year?  No, I’ll take skill instead.  Another summer we wait, this time we’ll see if the hunger for a championship grows.  Along with growing pains of a brand new goaltender.  I had fun this year, thanks guys!


2012 Frozen Four: Semifinals predictions

5 Apr

Ten years ago, the University of Minnesota men’s ice hockey team ended a 23 year championship drought when they won the 2002 title in St. Paul, MN.  For the sport that is the most popular in the state of Minnesota, that title was the school’s first since it was won by a coach, who was arguably the nation’s biggest hockey ambassador- Herb Brooks.  Watching the state react that year it was obvious how much pride residents hold the sport of hockey and just how important that victory was.  After winning a second consecutive title in 2003, the Gophers find themselves waning to break another title drought, albeit a much shorter one.  This afternoon, the 2012 Frozen Four gets under way from Tampa, FL with Union taking on Ferris State in the afternoon game and Minnesota versus Boston College in the night cap.  Admittedly biased as a Gopher fan, I’ll do my best with predictions.  You’ll get minimal analysis as I’m no expert 🙂

Union v. Ferris State

Not being familiar with either team, except for the fact that both are in their first Frozen Four for the first time ever, I see Union taking this one.  It sounds like Ferris State lacks scoring prowess, they won’t be able to catch up.  Union 3-1.

Boston College v. Minnesota

I know Boston College is on a 17 game winning streak and are the overall number one seed.  Ask Minnesota how that’s supposed to work out when they lost to Holy Cross in 2006.  I don’t have specific reasons other than a gut feeling…Minnesota gets it done tonight.  As I’ve been stating it for a week, the Gophers feel like the NFL’s New York Giants from the past season.  Tough, gritty, hard-working, enough talent.  Ask the Giants how their season ended this year.  The Gophers find a way to slow Boston College, Kent Patterson controls the game, and Kyle Rau is the x-factor.  Minnesota 4-2.