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Introducing the new poster-child for wearing sunscreen

8 Jun

Everybody enjoys getting sun in the summer.  I enjoy it, my wife does, the millions of people at pools or on boats do.  It’s also no secret that tan skin is generally perceived as more “attractive” looking.  You see muscle definition better, body curves are more noticeable, skin with a glowing tan hue looks healthier.  For some, this look is desirable year round.  The unfortunately part of living in the United States is if you live in the middle of the country and upward, you don’t have warm, sunny weather year round.  Northerners (“Yankees”- can I still use that term?) must resort to artificial sunlight during the non-summer months.  And so tanning salons were born.  New Jersey resident Patricia Krentcil, who recently made headlines by being charged with bringing her young child into a tanning salon for said artificial sun, evidently fits into the all-year-tan category.  Krentcil, 44, appears well beyond her age in current pictures.  Her face, due to the continuous tanning, resembles what I call a baseball mitt.  She must have missed the memo about how too much ultraviolet ray exposure can cause premature aging in skin and an extremely unhealthy facial appearance.  As shown in the above photo, her appearance was once quite the opposite.  An aspiring model in her 20s, I’ve now dubbed her the poster-child for how not to go about your tanning business.  Coppertone, Banana Boat, stand up and take notice…you have a marketing frenzy on your hands!